Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pretty Little Liars series

Sarah baru lepas menonton siri PRETTY LITTLE LIARS season 1 episod 1. Cerita yang menarik kerana pelbagai ragam dapat dilihat dalam kesemua watak utama dalam cerita ini.

Pretty Little Liars mengisahkan tentang 5 sahabat yang begitu akrab, Alison DiLaurentis, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings. Of course biasanya dalam kelompok sahabat pasti ada 'ketua' di dalamnya, dan Alison mendominasi kumpulan ini, menjadi 'queen bee' dan yang lain-lain hanya mengikut, mostly..

Suatu malam Alison telah hilang begitu sahaja, Aria, Hanna, Emily dan Spencer pula mula berpecah sejak kehilangan Alison sehinggalah setahun kemudian bila mayat Alison dijumpai di bersimen tertanam di belakang rumahnya sendiri.

Alison: Alison DiLaurentis the former queen bee whose mysterious disappearance rocked the small suburban town where she lived. It's been a year since Alison disappeared, but she's been present in her friends' minds ever since. She was their Queen Bee, and the most popular girl in school. She knew everybody's secrets, but since she's been gone her friends are beginning to realize how little they really knew about her. (They do seem to know more about her mysterious disappearance than they're letting on, though.) Now they're getting strange messages from "A" – messages that include info only Alison would know. They also catch glimpses of someone who looks exactly like Alison. But it can't be Alison. Can it?

Aria: Aria Montgomery the artsy chameleon who is interested in English — and her English teacher, Ezra Fitz. After living overseas for a year with her family, being in Rosewood brings back a lot of memories for Aria – some good, some not good at all. Is back in Rosewood after being in Iceland for a year. It might as well have been a lifetime because Aria suddenly feels like an outsider in her hometown. She's reconnecting with her old friends, but only time will tell if their secrets will bond them together or tear them apart. Luckily, Aria has a great relationship with her mom, but even her near-perfect family has its secrets. Aria has one of her own that's too dangerous to share with anyone – so how can it be that "A" is already on to her?

Emily: Emily Field an athletic girl who is struggling with her sexuality and the loss of her best friend. Her life is picture-perfect. It should be. After all, her mom makes sure everything in their world is just so. So why does Emily dream of getting out of Rosewood? She's a star athlete with a popular boyfriend, but Emily feels like an outsider. Maybe that's why she's drawn to Maya, the new girl in town. They become fast friends, but Emily's feelings are a little more complicated than simple friendship. Question is how far will she dare take them? Or will she have to hide them, too? As "A" points out, it's not the only secret Emily is hiding.

Hanna: Hanna Marin who became the school's new "it" girl after Alison disappeared. But being at the top of the social ladder is not all it is cracked up to be, especially when someone is out there reminding Hanna of how things used to be. Hanna goes after what she wants. The more forbidden it is, the better -- whether it's a pair of designer sunglasses, junk food, or her chastity-pledging boyfriend's virtue. Rosewood High's "It" girl is an expert at creating the façade of the perfect life. What would people say if they knew about her run-in with the law? Today Hanna rules the school, but "A's" mysterious messages are unsettling. How easy would it be to topple Hanna's reign, and just how far would she go to save it?

Spencer: Spencer Hastings a straight-A student and overachiever from a family that only expects the best. With the pressure bearing down on her from her family, Spencer feels like she must live up to the high standards set by her perfect sister Melissa. A classic overachiever, Spencer Hastings balances school, a high-powered internship, charity work, the field hockey team and maintaining uber-popularity status -- all without breaking a sweat. This is the girl who could stand up to Alison when no one else would. But when she and her friends begin receiving mysterious messages from "A," even the calm, cool and collected Spencer starts to show a little strain. And when she develops a forbidden crush on her sister's fiancé you have to wonder if Spencer can keep it together.

Kisah misteri bermula apabila masing-masing menerima pesanan pelik yang berkaitan rahsia peribadi masing-masing yang dikongsi bersama Alison dahulu dari individu 'A', yang mana hanya mereka dan Alison sahaja yang tahu. Jadi, siapa sebenarnya yang mengganggu mereka ini? Haaa... Tengah donlod episod 2-6, sebab Sarah tengok kat website rasmi serial ini, diorang dah sampai episod 7.

P/S: Anda ada rahsia di zaman persekolahan dulu? Haaa...Apa dia? Ahahahah, nak jadi 'apprentice' cik Kiah pulak cik Sarah ni ye... 


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  2. asyurul: baru tgk episod 1, mmg best...

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