Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does Your Honda TAK GUNA Or Vice Versa?

Ish ish ish...

Tersentak sekejap bila Sarah bukak email tadi, subjek email pulak sengaja highlightkan HONDA tu pulak. Alhamdulillah Honda Sarah tak ada masalah selama Sarah guna berulang-alik ke pejabat, tak ada pulak bunyi-bunyi atau masalah break ke... Semua ok.

Mari kita lihat bersama-sama apakah masalah orang ini tehadap kenderaan Honda beliau.


I don't need anyone to take advantage of my weaknesses or my strengths,
I need someone who will appreciate me for everything that I am….

Owner faces ceaseless brake issues with Honda car but no resolution
Friday, July 16th, 2010 11:15:00

PETALING JAYA: How far will you go to get your car fixed? In these day of light-speed emails, instant messages and cellphones, an irate car-owner decided to adopt an old-school method of seeking redress — by placing stickers all over his problematic car.
And the message on the stickers read: "My Honda Tak Guna" (My Useless Honda).
To make sure he got the full attention of the car manufacturer, this sticker-adorned vehicle was parked outside the Honda Malaysia sales and service office here in Section 13 — much to the amusement of many pedestrians and motorists.
As to why he had resorted to such measures, events executive Jess Ross said his car brakes kept failing despite several repairs.
"Three months after buying the car, the rear brakes started giving way.After having these replaced by Honda, the same problem occurred three months later with the brakes giving way in the middle of the road.
"Luckily, I wasn't hit by another car when it happened."
After sending the 15-month old car to the Honda authorised service centre, Sumber Auto, Ross claimed to have been told the car had its rear brake callipers fitted wrongly during the original assembly.
Even after the brake calipers were rectified, Jess' woes continued with the calamitous Honda Accord he bought for about RM140,000.
Three months later, after getting his disc brake pads replaced for the second time, his Honda Accord started juddering again.
This time Honda mentioned the brake discs needed to be skimmed.
"On June 20 , there was a screeching sound from my front wheels and the car started juddering again. This time, I decided enough was enough. The car was towed to the Honda service centre for a fourth check on this particular screeching issue."
Claiming manufacturing defects, Ross said: "My demands are simple, firstly I want Honda to fully rectify the problems on my car and include a manufacturer's guarantee that such defects will not recur.
"Secondly, Honda could replace my car with another guaranteed problem-free unit. If all else fails, I want Honda to buy back the car at the purchase price.
"Honestly, I am still open to negotiations and a win-win situation I feel, is the best for both parties," he said, stressing he has no plans to remove the eye-catching stickers from his car.
A Honda Malaysia representative said the company remained committed to inspecting, servicing and repairing the problematic vehicle.
"The company would like to assure Ross the affected vehicle will be serviced and repaired to his satisfaction." Still unhappy with this response, Ross asked: "Why is it Honda Malaysia can't guarantee their parts, which serve a basic function of braking, to function properly?
"Is it too much to ask for a guarantee for their supposedly original parts which they recommended we use?"

P/S: Sayang City Sarah yang dah guna hampir setahun. Nak tukar kereta lain ke? Haisss... Takyah la kot, tunggu habis dulu City tu ekk...


  1. wow pakai city pakai toyota vios pun takde ape2 masalah pun..maybe nasib org tu memang tak baik lah dpt kete yg problem..satu dlm seribu kes ni

  2. K.Jingga: itulah...biarlah tak jadi 1 dlm seribu tue pun takpe lah...satu keje pulak asyik nak kena pegi hantar service memanjang...huhuhu